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London is a heady blend of work and fun in a rich and diverse blend of humanity. There is so much to see and a great place to  live in. Our Yoga centre aims to add just a bit more to the positive energy in the city

Kensington Yoga Centre has brought together a group of enthusiastic Yoga tutors, who are keen to pass on the benefits of this ancient and great science of healthy living. Our main Trustees are medical practitioners and their experience in delivering modern medical care helps us as well.
Yoga was born in India a few thousand years ago, but it is now widely accepted all over the world as something which enriches life, whatever the culture, age or background of the person.  Using this platform we want to help people change their life-style to a more stress-free life style. We have plans to incorporate various learning experiences on the foundation of Yoga from health to cooking to stress busting to help prepare young adults for their future life.

Kensington Yoga and Therapy Centre is a registered charity which has brought together the tutors in this centre. Our charity is keen that the word of health through yoga spreads to all people and hence we have priced the sessions in a way that takes into account the current economic climate. We started with one centre at the Kensington address but since the last year we have our second venue at the Northolt Golf Club. This is a much larger venue with open land to help us deliver our message of peace and life-style learning in natural surroundings.

Through the site we are keen to spread more information about yoga not just to provide exercise for the body but also to achieve the unity between the body and mind, which is what the word "Yoga" actually means (unity).

Our Yoga teaching Centres is a part of the various family-friendly initiatives our charity plans to organise, aimed at supporting the entire family's quest for a healthy mind and body.


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